About Us

CanavasMedia (Formerly Tuoky.com) is a Domain Acquisition, Holding, Brokerage and Consulting Firm.. We aim at Getting the right and Perfect Domain Name For Our Clients.. At CanavasMedia, ”We believe a good name is Better” ..We buy and Sell premium domain names on behalf of Clients.. We do Business Naming Services for start-ups and for other business owners who wish to change Name or Get a New Name..

Our specialities include 2-Letter.Com, 2-Numeric  .Com, 3-Numeric .Com 3-letter .com, Letter-Numeric .Com, Numeric -Letter .Com and one word .com domains and we pride ourselves on offering the best in client service. If you are looking to either sell or acquire a premium domain name, don’t hesitate to contact us.

We have successfully brokered the sales of some of the world’s most valuable domains  With some  Reported Publicly and Many Others on NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement)  All in $millions ..



The company’s expertise includes all aspects of domain name and digital asset brokerage services as illustrated below:

  • Stealth Acquisitions
  • Brand Strategy
  • Representation of High Valued Domains
  • Social Media Handle Acquisitions
  • Developed Website & App Sales
  • Domain Portfolio Management
  • Domain Name Appraisal


Your domain name is a critical part of your brand identity and your online marketing efforts. Is your current domain leading to more customer engagement and online traffic, or are you missing out on some potential opportunities?

Whether you’re starting a new e-commerce site, an informational website, or an online community, the domain you choose can have a huge impact on your success. Should you base the name strictly on relevant keywords?

Should you use a word that isn’t real but IS very memorable? Are you going to continue using this domain or is it just something for a short-term campaign?

Your branding efforts will contribute to your company’s personality and reputation. In other words, your brand can have a direct impact on your sales and industry standing.

At Canavasmedia.com, Our team can work with you to build a powerful brand identity for your business.

There are a lot of important questions that need to be answered before you make your final decision on this element of your company’s brand. Get in Touch with Us Today ..